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(Sonic's Pov)

I watched Amy get slung into the back of the truck. I ran towards them, ready to punch one of them. However I'd forgotten how incredibly slow I was as werehog and was shot in the side. The pain surged through my body, I began to stagger around until I collapsed in a heap on the floor. 


I woke up in darkness. Where was I? What happened? I stared at my hand, I could make out my white gloves, I was normal again, it must of been daytime. Then I rememered. Amy. Suddenly the lights began to flicker and gradually came on. I wasn't in the truck anymore I'd been ditched in a warehouse with lots of asleep...werewolves? The more I looked the more I saw, they were everywhere. On top of that I had no idea where Amy was, I hoped she wasn't where I was but I had to look for her just in case.

I slowly walked in between the werewolves, I didn't want to wake one up. This was a great day to get kidnapped, there was a 20% discount off hot dogs today. Snap out of it I thought. I spotted something pink in the distance, that could only be one person.


I turned around my back towards her immediately. The good news was I'd found Amy, the bad news.. No clothes -_-. I decided it was probably for the best if I waited until night time when we were both werehog. The only problem with that plan was we would have company. Werewolves. Loads and Loads of awake werewolves...
Hope you like it :)
amyrose2356 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
flora: wait.... no.. clothes... don't look sonic!!!
SonamyxShadouge205 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2014   Writer
Psychic2you Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2014
Keep up the good work:)
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